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Aloe Christian Foundation

A good listener is hard to find. Aloe Christian Foundation offers a variety of courses to equip people to listen well to others.

What is ALOE?
There are many people in our society who are suffering from a great range of physical and emotional illnesses. Often the first thing that a person needs is a listening ear and an understanding heart. Such a listener will be able to offer someone space in which to find new strength and the way forward to finding healing and reconciliation. But a good listener is hard to find.
The courses are divided into Foundational Courses and Advanced Courses. In order to be able to attend an Advanced Course, a Foundational Course needs to have been attended first. We also have a wonderful “stand alone” course called Growing a Healing Ministry.
What’s it used for?
All human beings need to listen well to others if they are to have a good quality of relationships with  others. Just Listen, The Importance of Listening and Learning to Listen courses give training and  practice for listening in everyday situations. Other courses offer skills training for specific situations e.g. Listening to the Bereaved, Listening to the Aged, Listening to the Sick.
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