The Listening Revolution

About this course

The Listening Revolution is a transformative journey for Christians seeking to elevate their faith and interpersonal connections through the power of attentive listening. This course fosters a deep understanding of how listening impacts various aspects of life, from home to work and church. Through engaging sessions, participants catch a compelling vision for listening, cultivate a heart passionate about hearing others, deepen their compassion for those they encounter, and learn to walk the talk by practicing active listening. Each module is designed to empower individuals with the skills and wisdom needed to revolutionize their relationships and become instruments of positive change in their communities. Join us in exploring the profound impact of listening and embark on a journey toward becoming a more compassionate, attentive, and faithful listener

Lesson Breakdown

Visionary Listening

  • Heartfelt Connection
  • Deepening Compassion
  • Walking the Talk

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Christians who are eager to enhance their faith journey by improving their listening skills. It is a valuable resource for church leaders, members, and individuals seeking personal and professional growth. Whether you’re driven by a desire to catch a vision for listening, grow a compassionate heart, deepen your empathy, or truly walk the talk, ‘The Listening Revolution’ offers a transformative path. If you believe in the potential of a ‘Listening Revolution’ and its capacity to bring positive change, this course will equip you with the tools and insights to be a part of this transformative movement.



Here’s what participants have said about the Listening Revolution:

  • I have learned…
    • ‘that I am not listening efficiently’;
    • ‘the importance of listening, and how I can use this knowledge in my daily life’;
    • ‘that I can make a difference with the youth of our church’.


  • I am now more confident about…
    • ‘not feeling it is a must to give advice’;
    • ‘listening without judgement’;
    • ‘listening with my full attention’.


  • I am now going…
    • ‘to be more aware of not interrupting people when listening’;
    • ‘to teach others what I’ve learned here’;
    • ‘to apply what I learnt in my surroundings, family, community and church’.


  • And the responses to Aloe…
    • ‘Thank you for showing me the bigger picture about listening’;
    • ‘Continue with what you are doing!’;



Course Features


2.5 hours



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