Empowering Ministry Through Listening Excellence

Faith-Driven Listening Education

Our faith-driven teaching method fosters exceptional outcomes through these key elements:

  • Foundational Courses
  • Advanced Courses
  • Specialized Courses
  • Worshipful Beginnings
  • Connection and Fellowship
  • Multi-Faceted Tutoring
  • Listening Pair Activities
  • Review and Reflection

our courses

Explore Foundational and Advanced Courses, with “Growing a Healing Ministry” as a stand-alone gem.

aloe 2

Importance of Listening

Participants are introduced to listening patterns both helpful and …
Importance of Listening

The Listening Revolution

Christians learn to improve their listening skills in the …
Aloe christian Listeners Course

Called To Listen

“Called to Listen” is for those who have completed …
Listening to Pain & Hope

Listening to Pain & Hope

This course focuses on those who …
Listening to children

Listening to Children In Difficult Circumstances

The focus of this course …

Growing A Healing Ministry

This course helps people to learn about the holistic …